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Group demands ‘male brothel’ in Turkey

ŞEFKAT-DER has filed a petition to ask for permission to open a brothel for women. DHA photo

ŞEFKAT-DER has filed a petition to ask for permission to open a brothel for women. DHA photo

The Turkish anti-poverty association, ŞEFKAT-DER, filed a petition to Parliament on March 8 asking for permission to open a brothel for women that would employ males in protest of brothels where women are employed, daily Hürriyet reported yesterday.

“If you cannot save women from the slavery [of brothels], then open a brothel where men are employed,” said the petition, which was also sent to the Interior Ministry and Family and Social Policies Ministry.

Bulan said they were told that men need access to brothels at all time. “If men have needs, women have needs too. If they see places where women are slaves for the men, then the places where men will work for the women should be opened too,” Bulan said.

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  1. I was thinking the same as J Unit. If it would be hot Turkish babes, I’m there! But I got a feeling the hot ones don’t need to visit a brothel.

  2. Sorry guys, if the women have to “serve” fat and gross men, then men in a betrothals would have to serve the “fat” girls too.

  3. You would think that Muslimas would be sick and tried of being raped by rutting Muslim barrows! Any woman who voluntarily has any contact with Islam or Muslim barrows has no more sense than top soil.

  4. If you like women with hairy upper lips, nipples and bellies you will feel right at home in this Garbage Bag Mafia Paradise!!! Sarcasm aside, these Muslimah Gang Molls have a point. You cut off their clitoris and you got some spanin’ to do Ricky. That would be my take if I were blessed with being a cherished flower of Islam. Those prostitutes are Muslimahs after all so by default they are also delicate flowers whose honor must be respected by the Slaves of Allah, right right? Does it say in the Qur’an that women have a leg up when it comes to controlling their carnal desires? All we know is Hell is heaping over with women that are deficient in intellect and spiritually flawed because during menses their prayers won’t be received during that unclean, blood-letting cycle. Have the Slave Sack Sisters put any thought into the logistical dilemma they face, i.e., will they be able to find a willing male relative to escort them to preserve their honor on their way to the wink-wink, nudge-nudge fun joy time? Are they going to seek the permission of their husband, father, brother and/or son before they leave the house? Would they play with fire and face the withdrawal of support and deprivation or the possibility of a serious beat down with a toothbrush? Then there is the little matter of stoning for adultery. What to do? How do the pious male in Islamic society resolve this conundrum? Perhaps they should consult with the menfolk and apply the same logic they employ to justify their dealings with prostitutes. The fact that the rationale of sodomy not being a homosexual act because love is not part of the equation gets milage in Afghani circles shows that there is a bit of leeway in Islam.

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