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  1. Pathetic bunch! No one forced them to watch it, all they had to do was change channel or flip the TV screens off. The captain eventually did it himself to keep them quiet.

    Once again we see how the islamists try to dictate what people can and can’t do based on their own medieval teachings. I’m glad the crew and other passengers rejected their complaints. What idiots, and they are members of a political party? Jeez!!!

  2. Probably “Mary Poppins” perverted to Muslim talk. When Mary has the flying umbrella, you can easily imagine looking up her skirt. Makes good ‘Slums want to have sex with anything available nearby instantly. It is a cruel tease for ‘Slums on a Plane” when there are no goats, donkeys or nephews available.

    I can understand their grievance.

    1. Great comment! 🙂

      I can actually see a new film emerging from this starring Samuel L Jackson – ‘slums on a plane. How one man fights off an angry mob of islamic nutjobs trying to control the behaviour of all passengers and crew before turning their attention to the TV schedules. Hehe! 🙂

  3. Today on a plane tomorrow the world
    Mostly uneducated sexstarved lustful intolerant men

  4. that was very ignorant of the plane people. they should know that egyptian men are only interested in Hot men (especially perfect prophets), that’s why they cut little egyptian girls, innit.

  5. Well obviously the ‘hot scene’ wasn’t a rape scene…

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