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Out from underneath the rocks they come.

The scam here is to juxtapose the sharia goons with the EDL, as if people who have publicly sworn to uphold British civil liberties to all people regardless of race, creed or color, are the exact moral equivalent to the fundamentalist Muslims that make up Anjem Choudary’s highly moronic, but very halal, Islam4UK group.

In the comments to Muslim apologist Hasnet Lais’ op-ed, (truly living up to his last name) I found the following line:

Very clever taqiyyah, Hasnet Lais. However the majority of us here understand that is what you are doing. You all share this lunatic mindset – you just hate being caught. Islam is a cancer on civilised society, and unfortunately for you, we are gaining an audience who are starting to question your propaganda. This is exactly what shari’a is about – except it is a very mild version. There is no such thing as islamaphobia except in your own mind. It is a word created to try and bolster your claims that you are being vilified – but people are realising this, and you will not win. All your gesticulating, whining, threatening and complaining will not win this for you. Crawl back under your rock.

Hasnet Lais

These misguided Muslim ‘Sharia squads’ are playing right into the EDL’s hands

The vigilantes exposed by YouTube are as repugnant to ordinary Muslims as the EDL are to ordinary Christians; don’t let them give Sharia a bad name.

NOTE: Read his taqiyya filled screed here, standard barf bucket alert is in effect.

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  1. “The vigilantes exposed by YouTube are as repugnant to ordinary Muslims as the EDL are to ordinary Christians; don’t let them give Sharia a bad name.”
    i do not know who wrote this and don’t wish to but, as a supporter of the EDL i have never received any hostile comments or acts even though i wear the hat and badges openly.
    Christians with any level of intelligence worthy of the name will quite quickly work out that though the EDL has its faults, it is not preaching death, violence and hatred.
    sure, there are racists in its ranks, (you can find racists almost anywhere), but they are a minority and do not set its agenda.
    Islam, on the other hand, is governed by the qur’an and that book makes death, violence and hatred central tenets of the Islamic creed.
    the Muslims in this country are a minority and therefor cannot act openly, yet!
    the general pubic are waking up to that, which is why the EDL are under attack; the elites are loosing control.
    the public, regardless of their faith, do not believe the elites any more.

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