Kuwait Rape



Yet another maid savaged in the Gulf state.

And according to the understanding of many Muslims, they didn’t do anything wrong, the woman wasn’t a Muslim.

muslim sex slave

Filipina maid raped by 3 brothers “every night”

Published Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emirates 24/7: Three Kuwaiti brothers took turns in raping their Filipina housemaid every night before she managed to flee to her country’s embassy in the oil-rich Gulf emirate.

The maid had wanted to report them to the police but she was frightened by their threats against her, Alwatan newspaper reported.

“Since she came to Kuwait to work as a maid for that family, she has fallen victim to those three wolves as they have forced her to sleep with each of them every night,” the Arabic language daily said.

“Finally, she could no longer stand this and fled that house to her country’s embassy, which reported the brothers to the police,” it said, adding that the three brothers were arrested and would be tried.


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  1. No, in our islam not allowed to make sex with any girl just your wife even if that girl muslem or not muslem . And in each country there is good people and bad people. And also there some filipino girls here in kuwait make sex for money this is bad behaviour

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