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The Jobbik, as well as other ultra-nationalist groups whose irrational hatred of Jews and others form a crucial part of their ideology, should not be simply seen as the ‘extreme right-wing’, but as the right-wing within extremist socialism. The three (hard-Left, Socialist Democrats and Hard-Right) inhabit the same statist world view of big government and forced conformity, whether it’s based on economic, societal or raced based politics.

For the statistindividual sovereignty and unalienable rights, are not an option. For them, rights came into existence with the emergence of kings and parliaments, something that the Founding Fathers of the nascent United States (relying on the philosophers of the enlightenment) rejected out of hand.


Austrian Jewish leader: Anti-Semitic attacks on rise

01/08/2013 01:26

Oskar Deutsch accuses EU rights agency of not taking action to stop anti-Semitic attacks which doubled in Austria in 2012.

BERLIN – Oskar Deutsch, the head of Vienna’s Jewish community, on Monday railed against the EU in general and Austria in particular for failing to combat growing violence against European Jews.

Deutsch told the Austrian paper Kurier that “anti-Semitism seems to be respectable“ across Europe and that his community documented 135 anti-Semitic incidents in 2012.

The figure nearly doubled from that of 2011, which saw 71 outbreaks of Jew-hatred.

Asked if the EU is doing too little to fight anti-Semitism, Deutsch told the Kurier that is an understatement.

“EU representatives and politicians must say that ‘anti-Semitism should not be allowed to occur,’” he said, slamming the EU human rights agency in Vienna for not taking action.

Deutsch said the anti-Semitism comes from “the Right, radical Islamists and the left-wing extremists.” He cited Sweden as an example, where many Jews in the city of Malmö have been forced to leave because Social Democratic Mayor Ilmar Reepalu has allowed Swedish Muslims and leftists to stoke hatred and violence against the tiny Jewish community.

Deutsch also said that Jobbik, the extremist right-wing party in Hungary’s parliament, prompted Hungarian Jews to relocate to Vienna.

Samuel Laster, editor-in-chief of the popular Vienna-based website “Die Jüdische,” told The Jerusalem Post Monday that left-wing anti- Semitism is played down in the Austrian media.

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