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You’re either for them, or against them.

A Norwegian says enough is enough, time for pro-Israel supporters to stop apologizing and go on the offense. I whole heartily agree.

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Who are the extremists?

Op-ed: Norwegian citizen says it’s time to confront anti-Israel activists with some tough questions

Andreas Fagerbakke
Published: 01.02.13, 11:50 / Israel Opinion

People who are pro-Israel always have to defend their opinions and are usually on the defensive. Now it’s time for us to stand up and turn the tables.

Why do we always have to defend our opinions? Why must we always be on the defensive? Those people who call us extremists and want to push us into a corner, these people are the real extremists, but they are always let easily off the hook. It’s time to stop defending ourselves and start being on the offensive. Let’s confront those people who call us extremists with the following questions:

Who are the extremists? Those who want the security barrier and all the checkpoints removed, which will lead to a wave of terror attacks against Israeli civilians, or those who want the barrier and checkpoints to remain in place?

Who are the extremists? Those want the naval blockade of Gaza to be lifted, which will give terrorists in Gaza more weapons and rockets (which will again lead to more war and suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians) or those who do not want the naval blockade to be lifted?

Who are the extremists? Those who want Judea and Samaria to be Jewish-free or those who want both Arabs and Jews to build and live in the area?

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  1. Excellent point.

    They know we have reason, history and international law on our side so they resort to head games. Putting us on the defensive is nothing more than just such a head game. The purpose isn’t to hear our answers but to frame the interaction from the get go as them the strong and aggressive verses us the weak and defensive. It’s meant to make us FEEL defeated, to trick us into thinking we are defeated before we even engage.

    That’s why I always flip that framing as soon as the enemy tries it. They are the aggressor. They are the apologists for right wing fascists. They are fronting for radical right wing religious fundamentalists. An honest secular libral will know they can’t explain themselves.

  2. I think my comment might have gotten stuck in the spam filter.

    1. Yes, once again the spam filter does the opposite intended.

  3. Putting us on the defensive is a head game. It’s meant to make us feel defeated even though we have facts and history on our side. It is meant to frame the encounter as them being aggressive and strong and you being weak and defensive. To make you feel like you have lost irregardless of whatever you have to say.

    Always flip that framing on them. They are the aggressor. They are the ones speaking on behalf of extreme right wing religous fundamentalists. If they are real librals it will create a “does not compute” sort of problem for them. How do they square being lovey dovey peacy weacy while making arguments on behalf of violent right wing religious fundamentalists? They can’t.


    These people are leftists, and they will always, always, without hesitation, do everything in their power to destroy Israel, and if given the chance, to destroy the West as well. Not content with mass killing hundreds of millions of people in the USSR and China, they are now intent on bringing their insane ideology to the rest of the world. Leftist are not just extremists, but traitors to their own civilisation.

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