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Been saying that all along.

Mainstream media finally wakes up to the real ”Arab Spring”, being an Islamic fundamentalist long winter of discontent. After the economy totally collapses, there will be chaos in the streets and civil war. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Egyptians fear decades of Muslim Brotherhood rule, warn Morsi is no friend to US

By Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent

News Analysis

TAHRIR SQUARE, CAIRO — This was the place where the revolution began: the roundish square where Egyptians celebrated Mubarak’s fall.

This is where they are shouting on bullhorns again, outraged because they say the Muslim Brotherhood has stolen the revolution and is railroading though a constitution that could lock in Muslim Brotherhood rule for 50 years, bringing more Islamic law. They cry — not against Islam — but that an extremist interpretation is being forced down their throats by a president who critics say is acting every part the tyrant.

This is also a warning, they claim, of what may happen across the Middle East. The era of the Muslim Brotherhood appears to have arrived. President Obama has hailed the Brotherhood’s President Mohammed Morsi as a pragmatist who helped end the Gaza crisis. Egyptians here think the Brotherhood has conned Washington, just like it conned them.

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  1. ” After the economy totally collapses, there will be chaos in the streets and civil war.”

    as long as they are just killing each other, who cares?
    but if we are to do anything, then we must divest our selves of the musturd friendly “leaders” we currently have.
    otherwise, the islamists will win.

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