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In connection with the ongoing Salolainen-gate brouhaha surrounding the vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Pertti Salolainen, on YLE Aamu TV (30.11.2012) discussing the vote in the UN General Assembly which granted the Palestinian Authority observer status, Jussi ‘‘I ain’t got a clue Jalonen” employs a sophistry to highlight a supposed hypocrisy of mine. In the mind of a leftist,  if you support someone on X you must then support him on Y as well.

Jussi Jalonen is guilty of picking the words of The Finns MP Jussi Halla-aho out of context and misrepresenting them in order to lead the reader into believing that the politician was downplaying the Holocaust, when in fact he was highlighting other genocides in world history as having equal historical significance. At least that’s how I read it, I don’t agree with his understanding of the significance of the Holocaust, but that’s not in question here, it’s Jalonen’s strawman argument in order to try and marginalize my input.

Jalonen tries to use my defense of Jussi Halla-aho, over the absurd state prosecution of a blog post pointing out hypocrisy of the Finnish state prosecutors office over two sets of criteria used in protecting people, groups from defamation and prosecuting the offenders, as support for everything the man has said and done. He then calls into question, myself, my ”anti-Islam” sentiment, anti-Islamization association and how my motivation to break the story about Salolainen can be understood in light of it.

My anti-sharia/anti-Islamization position stems from a sound historical reading of Islam, from many sound scholarly sources. Period. Jalonen’s attempt to try and equate Islam with that of Judaism and as being both a race, ethnicity and a religion, is ahistorical and pure nonsense. It’s as much nonsense as if he would attempt to do the same with Christianity, Leftist ideology or classical liberalism. (academics…)

He also obviously didn’t see my post chastising Jussi Hall-aho over the circumcision debate in parliament, and my defense of the practice for both Jews and Muslims to remain unhindered by state law, deeming it a matter of civil rights for all groups concerned. My beef with Islam has always been its political nature, I care not a whit how many times one prays or what they eat and teach their children, as long as it does not infringe upon the civil liberties of all citizens. Jalonen is chasing ghosts and making himself look like the fool that he is.

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  1. Did you notice how Halla-aho is guilty of spreading ancient anti-semitic stereotypes in that blog post?

    “Holokaustin takautuva vastustaminen on tietysti kivempaa ja helpompaa kuin mihinkään käynnissä olevaan puuttuminen. Saksalaisia on kiva syytellä, koska cosi fan tutti. Armenialaiset eivät kiinnosta ketään, koska armenialaiset eivät omista Hollywoodia ja Yhdysvaltain mediaa.”

    1. If that’s the case, then yes. I don’t support that, and never would, but to be fair…he’s not saying Jews per say. I would like to hear from him himself, what he meant by that. Ask him.

  2. Actually, there was a movie project about Armenian genocide in Hollywood back in the 1930’s. Forty Days of Musa Dagh was a book written by Austrian writer Franz Werfel. MGM started making the film with Clark Gable playing the lead character. However, the filming was stopped because of objections made by the Turkish government.

    The movie project lived on for a few more decades. When the movie was finally made in 1982, it was a low budget production that failed to attract a large audience.

    So there is a reason why Armenian genocide is not so well known. It is because Turkish government has denied it ever happened and used diplomatic pressure against those who dare mention it.

    1. Excellent point Vasarahammer. The Turks have been as diligent in protecting their role in the genocide as the Turk led OIC is in promoting anti-Islamic slander initiatives in the UN and around the world. Called Islamofauxbia. remember, ‘slander’ in Islamic understanding is anything that challenges traditional Islamic beliefs, mores and value systems.

    2. I think you are right. Just months ago Turkey threatened to downgrade its diplomatic relationship with France over that genocide law. Another important point is that the Armenian genocide didn’t happen on our own soil so there is little awareness about it and there aren’t that many Armenians present in for example my country (Holland). When ever the Armenian genocide is brought up in the Dutch media it is usually about the Turkish stance. The articles about the issue never really discuss what happened, so that adds to the ignorance about it.

  3. Jussi Jalonen is using an old political trick. When you point out a serious issue and your opponent cannot defend the indefensible, they try to change your focus and go into slander mode. They want to keep you busy justifying your every action in hopes it will make you silent in pointing out Pertti Salolainen repeating hateful, bigoted Jewish blood libel and his idiocy in standing by it.

    Whenever you expose evil intent by a ruthless politician, always expect a slander campaign against you.

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