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UPDATE: ICAHD spokesman Bruno Jäntti lies in last night’s debate spreading across the Finnish blogosphere (h/t: Vasarahammer). Will that stop YLE from using him as a source from now on? I doubt it. Click here for more.

More taxpayer money down the crapper.

That’s how YLE generally reports on Israel, emotionalism peppered with pali propaganda points in place of cold hard facts. Year after year YLE promotes shoddy, ideologically  based journalism in place of informative reporting and impartial discussion panels for the viewer (read = taxpayer).

The Tundra Tabloids hears from a source privy to what occurred at YLE last night. The participants were told by the journalists in the studio that they wanted to see heated exchanges, the debate panel was told to be emotional and steer clear of facts. The journalists even said to avoid discussing UN resolutions etc.

The host of the show, Jan Anderson, a longtime hack journalist at YLE , (who will forever be remembered for the soft ball questions he fielded the former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf in a YLE interview during a state visit to Finland in 2004.) showed extreme ignorance of the conflict and of Hamas in general, while he allowed the Arab (seated right) to go on and on about how Israel doesn’t adhere to international resolutions etc.

Overall the Finnish viewer was treated to a lopsided event, but the panel on the left, Dennis Mitzner and Simo Elo, held their ground and showed themselves to be rational and reasonable, as well as being more on point.

Everyone who reads this blog regularly already knows exactly what I think of YLE, it sucks, and Jan Anderson is a clear reminder why YLE sucks. When ignorance and ideology reigns supreme over the facts, it’s high time to end YLE for good, and let people use their freed up tax euros to purchase their preferred cable programming instead.

The Program (in Finnish) is available here.

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  1. The host Jan Andersson seemed to be quite ignorant about the facts and the arguments generally used by both Israeli and Pali side.

    The program presented a brief overview of the history of region omitting significant milestones like the UN Partition Plan. In addition, everything start from 1948, even though the history of the conflict can be traced back to the pre-WWII years.

    The host and the pro-Israeli panelists missed one huge lie presented by Bruno Jäntti from the pro-Pali side. Jäntti claimed that there was no fauxtography involved in pictures presented by Hamas (and some major news organizations). Some of these pictures were from Syria and not from Gaza.

    1. Thanks Vasarahammer, I have updated and used your links for a new post.

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