Back in May the TT reported on an Iranian professor In Stockholm Sweden, who is connected to the university of Karolinska Institute north of Stockholm, had alegedly cut off the lips of his wife, and ate them.

The judge, who could have sentenced him to the maximum of eight years, chose to sentence him to a five year stint in jail instead.

That’s not good enough for the guilty lip eating Muslim however, he wants a further reduction as well.

When you treat your womenfolk like chattel, you believe that you can just about anything to them and get away with it.

NOTE: The fact that they refuse to name this a-hole is a travesty of justice, and if he still maintains a dual passport, he should have his butt sent back to Tehran where he belongs.

Lip-eating husband appeals his sentence

Published: 22 Nov 12 15:52 CET |

The professor who sliced off and devoured his young wife’s bottom lip so “she could never kiss someone again” has appealed his five-year prison sentence for aggravated assault.

The court issued its verdict in July, also ordering the 52-year-old to pay damages of 96,900 kronor ($13,800) to his wife, who is 20 years his junior.

At the time, the prosecutor Jakob Holmberg said the man deserved a harsher sentence. The prosecution had argued he should spend eight years in prison.

The convicted attacker has now filed an appeal to the Supreme Court (Högsta Domstolen), asking that his sentence be shortened.

The 52-year-old professor, who is a respected cancer researcher connected to the Karolinska Institute north of Stockholm, attacked his wife in May at their home south of the city.

In a fit of jealousy over suspicions that his wife was seeing another man, the academic straddled her while she was sleeping and cut off her lower lip with a scalpel.

He then ate it.

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  1. Aftonbladet reports that the victim’s lawyer conbsiders that the court of appeal [Svea hovrätt] could have sentenced him to 10 years for the aggravated assault.

    [Microsoft Translator]
    Elisabeth Massi Fritz, who represents his wife thinks that the punishment imposed is too low.
    According to her, it would be reasonable with a sentence of 7 to 8 years, when there is the opportunity to judge for up to 10 years for this type of crime.

    “It is regrettable that the Court did not use the higher portion of the penalty scale in this case. This offender has caused lifelong suffering. She will never be restored. He assaulted her when she slept, she was completely defenseless, “she says.

    She still has not decided whether the judgment should be appealed to the Supreme Court.

  2. Let’s not mince words or blur intentions.
    The lip cutter should have his balls chopped off.
    Give me a return flight ticket to Stockholm, expenses for one night in a hotel, and a blunt knife and I will gladly do this myself, free of charge!

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