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    Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey, Oct 24, 2012
    ANTALYA – Doğan News Agency
    A Finnish tourist in the southern province of Antalya, 47-year-old Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta, has committed suicide, one day after filing a complaint with the gendarmerie that she was raped by a local man.
    Following a police examination, one suspect has been taken into custody and arrested by an Antalya court.

  2. O/T Will the question be asked – was this really suicide or a convenient death to bring closure to the incident?
    More on that rape at:Antalya Central Oct 22, 2012
    One day after reporting her alleged rape to the local Gendarmerie in Kestel, a Finnish national was found dead from a pills overdose in her hotel room.
    The incident occurred in the town of Kestel, Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta (46) met M.K.(36) in a nightclub in Alanya the afterwards she was raped on the beach and afterwards M.K. fled according to her statement to the Gendarma, his description was shared with the Polis who initiated a hunt.
    Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta’s body was found in her hotel room in Obagöl Mahallesi in Kestel by hotel staff minutes before word came of the alleged rapists, M.K.s, arrest, he was found at a friends home in central Alanya.
    Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta’s body was taken to the Alanya morgue for an autopsy and M.K. was taken into custody for questioning.

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