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How well the Turks will ”investigate” the rape is the question, especially since that the rape victim is no longer available for comment.


Antalya One day after reporting her alleged rape to the local Gendarmerie in Kestel, a Finnish national was found dead from a pills overdose in her hotel room.

The incident occurred in the town of Kestel, Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta (46) met M.K.(36) in a nightclub in Alanya the afterwards she was raped on the beach and afterwards M.K. fled according to her statement to the Gendarma, his description was shared with the Polis who initiated a hunt.

Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta’s body was found in her hotel room in Obagöl Mahallesi in Kestel by hotel staff minutes before word came of the alleged rapists, M.K.s, arrest, he was found at a friends home in central Alanya.

Minna Eeva Kaarina Lehtovirta’s body was taken to the Alanya morgue for an autopsy and M.K. was taken into custody for questioning.

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  1. Also from the Antalya area: Die Welt Nov 1, 2012 (via Microsoft Translator, with a bit my editing)
    A 27-year-old German has been raped immediately after her arrival in the Turkish resort of Antalya. A bus driver kidnapped her and forced her to have oral sex in a forest.
    As several Turkish newspapers reported on Thursday, the 27 year-old German was flown to Antalya, to visit a friend, whom she had met on the Internet. Here, she had fallen into the hands of a rapist.
    From the airport the young woman reportedly wanted to travel by bus to the city, but couldn’t find the bus her friend had recommended.
    A 35-year-old bus driver spotted the German wandering around and assured her that his bus would be going the same way and she could come with him.
    Instead of driving into the city, the man drove the buis into a deserted area of forest and there forced her to have oral sex under the threat of a knife. The woman then escaped and ended up walking to a gas station, where the attendant alerted the police. An arrest warrant was issued against the bus driver who is in custody.

    A woman without a male companion is “easy meat” to a man steeped in the cult of mysogyny

  2. “forced her to have oral sex in a forest.”

    A girl’s best friend is her teeth.

  3. Do not accept rides from muslim men. PERIOD. Do not befriend them, do not trust them, don’t be alone with them. If there is more than one, you’re not any safer. How many times do I have to read about innocent/stupid/naive/brainwashed European teens and women who made the mistake of trusting a damn muslim and end up raped or raped/murdered or who kill themselves later – before women will understand that it isn’t racism that makes people speak out against them, it is THE TRUTH based on FACTS. I am so sick of the number of rapes against women here in Sweden, and lately MEN and teenage boys as well. It’s absolutely disgusting that the government denies there are ANY problems related to the mass immigration of raping parasites.

    P.S. – I LOVE your captcha XD XD It’s actually fun and you don’t have to figure out the letters on some twisted up illegible captcha, or type anything.

  4. I NEVER heard of this story, WOW!! Now we have Sarai Sierra, a puerto-rican woman from NEw York City who was found beaten to death, we wait for the forensics to see if there was rape, if it was she never was able to report it because she was beat to death. I will NEVER visit turkey, no offense to the Turkish people.

  5. Be VERY cautious/skeptical of young Turkish guys in the holiday towns of Turkey. They want sex money visa. They do NOT care for a mo what you look like, or your age…no money no honey. They are masters of their art (gigalos). !

  6. Wow! After living in Turkey for 5 years I can say these comments about Turkey and Muslim men are quite shocking. About 20 million people live in Istanbul and one foreign tourist was killed, another raped. Suddenly Turkey is not a safe place – ridiculous. Look at the crime rates in European countries per head of population. In the holiday resorts of Turkey you get many male migrants from the more conservative areas and poorer areas of Turkey working during the holiday season. You also get foreign women looking for a holiday fling – so many men from these poorer areas hear that foreign women are rich and promiscuous. This leads to problems as some men feel it’s ok to hassle or touch up foreign women and of course this can also lead to more serious consequences. I find the women who come for a ‘bit of fun’ partially to blame here. I guess they never consider the image they are giving of western women and how appropriate their behaviour is in another culture. There is absolutely no justification for rape but tarring all men of a certain race or faith is pure racism. There ARE problems in Turkey with under-age marriage, lack of conviction for rape and date rape ( the last two applicable to many western countries). However most Turkish men do treat women with respect – many of my friends have Turkish partners or husbands.

    1. Blame the victim eh? Also, you can take your racism charge and shove it, no one is buying that canard at all, ever again.

  7. First of all, I’m a guy from Turkey, hate rapers (who doesnt? :S), am not muslim.. Well u may not like muslims or Turkish people but that doesnt give you right to say “Turkish or muslim guys are perverts, rapers..”

    At least check statistics:

    Statistics may not be totally true, but still gives opinion. So?

    You are a lier, rapers are animals..

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