DAWA Deceptive Dialogue ISLAM IN CANADA



Dawa in the streets of Ottowa Canada.

The prey upon the ignorance and the decency of the townsfolk. Passing out flowers might seem like a good, friendly gesture, but what they are actually trying to do is to hoodwink the public into believing that every truth told about Islam, is mere hate speech and bigotry that’s to be ignored.

The couple in the above picture thought it a wonderful idea, but to show just how clueless the friendly and well meaning couple are, they’re being interviewed by Iranian state TV, the same government that showers Israelis with threats of their annihilation on a daily basis.

If I had happened upon the scene and interviewed by Press TV, I would have handed my camera to a friendly person and taped my telling them what I think of their cheap dawa trick and end with my telling Press TV to shove that mic where the sun doesn’t shine.

H/T & upload: Vlad

As Vlad said: The Daily Laugh:

Commentor OxAO says:Note: they are using the White Rose or the name of the real anti-fascists of Germany. The white rose movement passed out white roses. These people are getting wiser with their trickery

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  1. FYI, It’s “Ottawa” and NO I would not accept a rose from those liars for islam.

  2. Old trick. The aggressors playing the victims. See how very nice we are? Now submit to my authority. Mixed in with them will be truly peaceful muslims who sincerely think they are victims of misunderstanding islam. Everything is so convoluted I wish everyone could have a reality check.

    This reminds me of the 911 terrorists. They were all smiles and charming while getting their boarding passes.

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