Gaza Kassams



As we all should be.

No other state would tolerate discriminate terrorist rocket fire on their civilians, for long. There would be massive retaliation of immense proportions to get it to end once and for all. I can hardly blame the civilians in Israel, who have been living under the constant rain of rocket fire, for perhaps harboring the notion of doing the exact same thing in the opposite direction.

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I’m angry.

I’m angry that in 2012, over 600 rockets have already been fired from Gaza with no end in sight.

I’m angry that the world only notices when Israel undertakes its most basic sovereign right to defend its citizens. Can you imagine if even one rocket was fired on Washington, Paris, Moscow or London? …

I’m angry that, while the United Nations never hesitates to call a ‘special emergency session’ on the ‘Question of Palestine’ or pass the umpteenth resolution blindly condemning Israel, I am still waiting for a session on the ‘Question of Israel’ and Palestinian terror. In fact, 72 hours after the rocket attacks started, I am still waiting for even one syllable of condemnation from the United Nations. …

I’m angry that Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General, could not find a moment to condemn the Palestinian rockets, but did find time to laugh and dance with South Korean rapper ‘Psy’ from the popular dance craze ‘Gangnam Style’, the same day all civilians in southern Israel were instructed not to send their kids to school and stay in bomb shelters.

I’m angry that while the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton slammed Israel last week over the building of several hundred apartments (in an area that will arguably remain part of Israel anyway), that I am still waiting for her to slam the Palestinians for firing 80 rockets in one day.

I’m angry that mainstream news organizations like the BBC wait until 50 missiles hit Israel before deciding to report the story, and only then, lead with the headline like ‘Militants Killed in Gaza Strikes.’ What about ‘Palestinian Terrorists Rain Down Over 80 Rockets against 1million Innocent Israelis.’ …

I’m angry that there are those who continue to call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the Jewish State, but are silent in the face of Palestinian terror.

I’m angry that ships and flotillas continue to set sail for Gaza to show ‘solidarity’ with the Palestinians, but where is their solidarity with the people of southern Israel?

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  1. I’m angry too. I’m angry about the rockets being fired into Israel but I’m mostly angry at the leftards who choose to believe the “fakestinian” propaganda and will continue to choose to do so even after seeing this evidence.

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