Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu OIC Whining Arabs Whining Muslim



Who cares what this puke thinks or says?

In all honesty, this guy should be the butt of jokes and punchlines. He enthusiastically promotes the myth of islamofauxbia while denying muslim/islamic antisemitism. He spearheads the move of restricting free speech in the West under the guise of protecting ”religion” from defamation, when we all know he really means only to protect islam.

So pack it Mr.Flim Flam, we couldn’t care less what you think (especially Israelis and its supporters worldwide) about Jews building within their capital.

OIC, Turkey slam new Israeli settlements in Jerusalem

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary-General Ekmeleddin İhsanoglu has strongly condemned the decision of the Israeli occupation authorities to construct 797 new settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem Today`s Zaman reported.

İhsanoglu stated on Saturday that the continuing settlement expansion in Palestinian territories comes in the context of Israel’s attempt to change the demographic situation, to create new realities in the occupied city of Jerusalem and to isolate the city from its Palestinian environment.

İhsanoglu stressed that all settlement activities are illegitimate and constitute a flagrant violation of international law. He also called upon the international community to shoulder its immediate responsibility by putting an end to the Israeli settlement policy in all occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.

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