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Romney did well enough not to upset the steady build up of favorable polls flowing in his direction.

Mark Levin

Obama was pretty nasty and condescending.  He also spun like hell. Romney was cautious and factual.  Obama’s hope to paint him as trigger happy failed.  I don’t think this debate changes anything. Incidentally, Bob Schieffer did an excellent job.

Republican Mitt Romney scored a narrow victory over President Barack Obama in Monday night’s Third Presidential Debate, which focused on foreign policy. Romney won despite being more cautious than expected–avoiding confrontation on the Libya issue, for example, and emphasizing areas of agreement with Obama where possible. He had a better command of the facts, defended his positions well, and looked more presidential.

Obama was very aggressive throughout the debate–perhaps still trying to compensate for his lackluster first debate–using every single question to attack his opponent’s record and policies. That approach may have backfired, as it allowed Romney to strike a calmer, more stable posture. Romney’s apparent strategy was to give up scoring points on particular issues in favor of appealing to war-weary, politics-weary moderate voters.

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  1. Helsingin Sanomat reported a voting poll of Obama 48, and Romney 40. I find that hard to go along with however.

    I saw mostf of the debate. If I knew nothing about the participants, I would have assumed Romney was the President and Obama the challenger.

    Romney looked confident, at ease, and self-assured. He smiled but did not grin in that weird manner a la Biden.

    Overall I found myself pleasantly surprised by Romney’s demeanour and authority throughout the three debates.

    Conservatives think the game is up for Obama, and that that unpleasant reality is beginning to dawn on him.

    Romney was quite clever in relating the USA foreign to the economic problems that beset the American economy – especially when China came to the fore.

    Perhaps Obama had swallowed a few pep pills to make him look “with it” and on the ball.

    Not enough to get him re-elected however.

    Americans can’t be that stupid.

    1. Helsinki Sanomat sucks. I don’t even trust it to catch the bird crap falling on top of it.

  2. Just to clarify. When the topic of American foreign policy in relation to China was raised, Romney was able to steer the focus back to the American economy, and to remind the electorate that foreign policy is enmeshed with bread and butter issues that are the primary concern for both employed and unemployed voters.

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