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UK authorities and political elite make huge arrest sweep of EDL and British Freedom leaders.

Not sure yet exactly what the charges are, I hear it has something to do with traveling to the U.S. without permission from the authorities (parole violation?), or something to do with the passport itself. One thing is for sure though, the British authorities are trying to break up the EDL.

UPDATEHe’s accused of entering the U.S. under a false (or someone else’s) passport. I’ll believe it when I hear it from Tommy himself.

ALSO: Make sure to read Baron Bodissey’s piece :  The Takedown of the EDL

” The Powers That Be in the UK have apparently determined that the EDL is weak at the moment. They calculated that a precisely-targeted “short, sharp shock” could destroy it. Put Tommy Robinson behind bars for a long, long time; disrupt Kevin Carroll’s election campaign; and, for good measure, arrest the Chairman of the British Freedom Party.”

Kevin Carroll was arrested yesterday for driving to who knows where, and then the chairman of British Freedom, Paul Weston himself, was arrested outside of another prison he believed Tommy was being held at, for ”breaching the peace”, actually he was just demanding to know the welfare of Tommy, was it true he was being held with violent Muslims. His life is in danger.

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  1. The British MI6 trained Hamas (their operative was caught and quietly expelled by Israel so as to not cause a diplomatic stink) and now the government acts exactly like soviets/fascists arresting the EDL on trumped up charges. They also fund anti israel NGOs. I used to believe they were moral democrats but now believe otherwise. The EDL will gain much support through this ironically.

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