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Taken from the pages of the Swedish, English language ‘The Local’, (concerning the situation of Swedish pro-Hamas activists on the Estelle after the IDF intercepted it, and towed it to Ashdod) here is a comment that caught my eye.

The ridiculous left wing bourgeoisie never fail to amuse with their hare-brained ideals. Shouldn’t these middle aged men be home assembling model ships instead of playing Pirates and Nobles on the high seas? Why doesn’t Israel sort of torpedo them lightly?…[…]

The ‘Free Gaza Movement’ is one big, massive epic fail. The average person who’s not even slightly interested in the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, couldn’t care less about the pathetic morons trying to help arm the genocidal maniacs of Hamas.

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  1. Get this right: the Ship to Gaza armchair revolutionaries transported two (2) olive trees from that internationally renowned centre of olive tree cultivation, Sweden. The two trees were transported on this Finnish boat, the Estelle, because as we all know the Finns are the world experts at transporting olive trees, which of course grow profusely in the Nordic region with its bitter Arctic winters.
    Gaza, in the Middle East, must by their reckoning have a shortage of olive trees – perhaps the Gaza Arabs use their olive oil as a propellant for the 13,000 rockets they have fired so far into Israeli schools, hospitals, kindergartens, shops, homes and factories? Who knows.
    And who knows why the intellectuals behind Ship to Gaza decided that the perfect complement to their two (2) olive trees to support the “starving” people of Gaza (Google the luxury air-conditioned shopping malls in Gaza, you’ll be surprised) was 600 footballs. No, I’m not kidding. Footballs. Look, when people are “starving”, of course they’ll want to sink their teeth into footballs.
    Makes a change from eating the hugely expensive brand-new iPhone 5s that the Gaza Arabs snapped up last week – every single last one costing 1400 dollars. And that’s before the new model even hit Israeli stores (the technology was developed in Israel but the Gazans got them first – they must be so hungry, the poor darlings).
    The poor, misguided, ill-informed, bigoted Ship to Gaza idiots. They really don’t have much connection with the real world. They even refer to their single ship (yes folks, that’s one single vessel) as a “flotilla”. I’ve got news for the Swedish state-subsidised democracy-saboteurs at Ship to Gaza: one (1) boat doth not a flotilla make.
    The nincompoops couldn’t even get that right. They really haven’t got a lot going for them.

  2. Let them live like the Israelis who “have less than 60 seconds to find shelter after a rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel.” The Estelle was full of pretentious, ignorant, overfed tools.

    “Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 8,000 rockets into Israel. Over one million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks.

    In 2011 alone, 627 rockets from Gaza hit Israeli towns. That’s an even higher number than in 2010, when 231 rockets hit Israel. Since 2001, more than 12,800 rockets and mortars, an average of 3 attacks every single day, have landed in Israel.”

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