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And I mean besides Obama.

There is so much wrong with this presidency that it’s difficult to choose which disaster to start with. Today is the final presidential debate between Obummer and Romney, I hope the subject of Chinese and other overseas donations comes up, as well as the overseas funding of his campaign in general. That would make the fireworks fly.

On August, 19, 2011, during the heat of the Obama Administration’s trade negotiations with China, Vice President Joe Biden huddled with his top trade advisors at the St. Regis Hotel in Beijing, China. One seat away from Mr. Biden sat Robert Roche.

Mr. Roche is a mysterious figure, an American expatriate and Obama bundler living in Shanghai, China. Mr. Roche’s company, Acorn International, is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is in partnership with Hu Jintao’s government.

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