Time to end the Western jizya payments to the Arabs

Fitzgerald: The rich Muslims should pay for the poor Muslims

[Re-posted from August 2008]

“Gulf oil producers are expected to earn a record $562 billion in 2008…” — from this news article

That nearly $600 billion is just this year’s take. And it just counts the Gulf Arabs, not other Muslim states with plenty of oil dough to make mischief – think of Iran, or Libya. Since 1973 alone (there was plenty coming in before that, even though the real bonanza had not started for the likes of Saudi Arabia) the Muslim oil states have received — by now — about eleven trillion dollars. They have done nothing, and they do nothing, to deserve this money. No hard work, no clever entrepreneurial ideas. They simply sit on top of it.

And they are supposedly loyal to fellow Muslims, so one would think that they would share that wealth. But of course they don’t. Or rather, some of the rich Arabs and Muslims “share” the teeny-tiniest amounts for very specific purposes. For example, sums are raised to supply a little money to those paladins of the most immediate neighborhood Jihad, the suicide bombers in Israel. But save for one or two ostentatious transmittals of money — say, to Hariri’s party in Lebanon — there is no sharing of wealth with poorer members of the Umma. Instead, the rich Arabs have been able to inveigle the world into ignoring their incredible greed. And Saudi Arabia, according to J. B. Kelly, has for decades carefully inflated its population numbers in order to lower the published per-capita income figures as well as to engage in a little froggy throat-swelling. The rich Arabs deflect calls for wealth-sharing within the Umma, and most amazing of all, they convince the Western world, that is, the Americans and the Western Europeans, that it is they who should be shelling out aid to Egypt, to Pakistan, to Jordan, to the “Palestinian” warlords and “authorities.”

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