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The Islamofauxbia meme is a ruse, but justifiable fear of Islam is real.

It’s why we resist.

Irrational Fear of Islam?


Fjordman: “I once listened to the great Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen, who reminded us that the Koran actually commands Muslims to instill fear of Islam (Islamophobia) into the hearts of non-Muslims, using any means necessary to force them to submit to Islam’s might. The Koran and Islamic teachings thus make Islamophobia mandatory.

I agree with his insight, but only up to a point. First of all, many non-Muslims despise Islam at least as much as we fear it. Second, it is my understanding that the term “phobia” does not merely mean “fear of,” but more specifically an irrational and totally unfounded or at least greatly exaggerated fear of something.

Is fear of Islam really irrational, seen in light of Islam’s violent past and still-violent present?

Read the entire piece here.

A lone blog answers that question:

BareNakedIslam: “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you”

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  1. Fjordman

    Islamophobia is not a phobia, but a real loathing of Islam and the cultural/personal mores it creates.

    OTH, Muslims also suffer from fear of the West- which they regard as Christianity. Their fear is far more real. You only have see what we are doing in Muslim countries with Muslim eyes, to see that. They are being defeated militarily with such ease, that they dont even bother to turn up on the battlefield.

    To Muslims inculcated in military victory by the ordinance of the koran and allah, it must be soul and faith destroying. In their impotence, they riot and burn their own cities and attack our embassies.

  2. Great shout-out to BNI. I love that slogan.

    Fjordman is a cultural treasure. What an insightful and brilliant mind. How did his relocation go? Is he okay? I’d really like to see him appearing alongside other counter-Jihad warriors at conferences (though I know it might not be safe inside the EUSSR). I don’t think he knows how many people have ‘Defeating Eurabia’ as a second bible. He lays it all out, right there. Everything we have to fight against. I try to promote his works whenever I can.

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