Netherlands Western Appeasement


Gee, and he keeps his hands at the proper length for handcuffs.

Radical, mmm no, Islamic fundamentalist (basic Islam 101)….mmm yes.

Municipality will not Monitor Radical Imam

The Hague municipality will not monitor the prayer services of the radical Imam, Fawaz Jneid. This Imam became nationally known in the Netherlands when he said about the media maker Theo van Gogh, who was later murdered by a radical Muslim: “Oh God, give Van Gogh an illness which no inhabitant of the earth can cure.”

He also attacked the former parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who took him to court. The Freedom Party had asked the municipality questions about whether the Imam was not dangerous for public order and safety. The prosecution and the police said that his services are part of freedom of religion.

H/T: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands blog


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  1. Let him say what he wants. The more pungent his lectures the better. They will all come to haunt him in the fullness of time.

  2. Movie about Muhammad: Muslims go on a violent rampage and scream, “Freedom of expression can go to hell!”

    Muslims saying “Islam will dominate and we should kill so and so”: Muslims still on a violent rampage and scream, “It’s our freedom of expression!”

    What would happen if people said, “Oh Universe, give Muslims an illness which no inhabitant of the earth can cure.” Muslims will do what they do best and go on a violent rampage using death and blood to demand more death and blood.

    Islam and Muslims must be recognized for their evilness and must be stopped.

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