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Or as I prefer to call it, The Sea Hitler.

 The  news of this ship came to my knowledge back in April of this year, When the local papers did a story on the purchase of the sail vessel. There’s no doubt over the fascination of some Finns that the craft, originally registered in Finland, will soon become an object of international media focus. According to a Finnish paper Turun Sanomat, Finnish activists are indeed on board, one of them being the former owner, Wellu Koivisto.

This is a pic of the ship coming into Oslo Norway’s harbor, where I’m sure they were met with great fanfare. That was about three months ago, and now they are about set to sail from the Italian port of Naples to Gaza, to illegally try and break the entirely legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza.

So by default, these morons are for the arming of Hamas and other dedicated murderous scum within the Strip. Here are some more pics of the ship and crew (under the fold) , soon they’ll be in the international news, hopefully not in a way that hurts Israel.

Do Peace Activists Care More about Gaza than Syria?

Humanitarians of the world pay special attention to Israel.  Self-proclaimed peace “activists” announced this week that a ship called “Estelle” has set sail for Gaza yet again in an attempt to “break Israel’s sea blockade” of Gaza. The ship sailed from Sweden three months ago, and will sail to Gaza from Naples in the beginning of October.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, said in a statement that Israel was in contact with the governments whose citizens were passengers on the ship. Israel’s policy has not changed, the Ministry said, and the ship will not be allowed to approach Gaza. Those who pay attention to international news will remember that on May 31, 2010, while en route to Gaza, commandos from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raided and seized the Mavi Marmara (in the first flotilla) after communicating warnings that a naval blockade of the Gaza area was in force.

The commandos were seemingly unprepared for the dozens of militant terrorists who swarmed around them wielding knives and iron bars. A bloody battle took place, and nine Mavi Marmara passengers were killed in the mêlée, and at least seven IDF soldiers were wounded. It was a major diplomatic debacle for the Israeli government. The incident damaged Israel’s image because initially it appeared that Israeli soldiers were storming the ship violently (when, precisely because of the predictable reaction of the world, the soldiers were carrying paint guns, not actual weapons), and not that they were attacked first.

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