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The socialist mindset: “Someone has to pay for all our stealing of wealth and wasteful spending.”

France throws itself headlong into the crapper. Not satisfied with the private wealth seized (to fund an utopia that will never materialize) already, they aim to confiscate the wealth of its citizens even more, thereby forcing into exile more French citizens. This is exactly what Obama would love to do if he got a second term.

France taxes rich and business to slash deficit

(Reuters) – President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government unveiled sharp tax hikes on business and the rich on Friday in a 2013 budget aimed at showing France has the fiscal rigor to remain at the core of the euro zone.

The package will recoup 30 billion euros ($39 billion) for the public purse with a goal of narrowing the deficit to 3.0 percent of national output next year from 4.5 percent this year – France’s toughest single belt-tightening in 30 years.

But with record unemployment and a barrage of data pointing to economic stagnation, there are fears the deficit target will slip as France falls short of the modest 0.8 percent economic growth rate on which it is banking for next year.

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  1. Paging Switzerland…

    Prepare for a lot of rich guys to come flooding in. The French economy is about to go under, and the American economy will follow if Barry Soetero is reelected.

    1. The exodus is already underway.
      Daily Mail July 17th 2012
      Wealthy French are moving to Britain to escape Hollande’s plan for 75% tax on rich
      Large numbers of France’s well-heeled families are selling up and moving to ‘wealth-friendly’ nations
      British estate agents say they have sold more £1m-plus properties since April than last year
      Prime minister David Cameron angered the French last month when he said he would ‘roll out the red carpet’ to wealthy French citizens and firms who wanted to move out and pay their taxes in Britain.

    1. Yup, We will see people and capital leaving france 🙂

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