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It’s highly unfortunate that this wonderful Muslim (whom I applaud) has 1400 years of Islamic history and its anti-liberal antisemitic Islamic texts to face down. I place him, (no matter how thankful I am about his profound change of heart) into the ranks of Zhudi Jasser, of people that we desperately need, but hopelessly outnumbered by their traditionalist co-religionists and the weight of history.

NOTE: That said, I wish him all the best and thank him for his support of Israel.


Israel should be proud

Op-ed: Islamist-turned-Zionist says Europe obsessed with Israel, ignores global atrocities
Kasim Hafeez

Published: 09.24.12, 10:29 / Israel Opinion

The recent decision by the Canadian government to close the Iranian embassy and expel all Iranian diplomats, citing “Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today,” is as courageous as it is logical. It has been apparent from its very ascent to power that the regime in Tehran has been a sponsor of terror all over the globe – particularly targeting Israel and Jews.

Equally apparent is that the so called “Arab Spring” has rapidly descended into an Islamist winter, Assad’s regime will continue murdering its own people until it silences all opposition, the Saudi-funded Islamist ideology despises all other ideologies and, saddest of all, no one cares because the pathological obsession with Israel seems to mute the real human rights tragedies around the world.

Here in Europe and more so the Muslim world, people have bought into this obsession, seeing Israel and the Jews as the root of all evil, in droves we have taken part in flytillas, flotillas and every other publicity stunt meant to vilify Israel, citing human rights, while disregarding the fact that these stunts are performed under the patronage of the Iranian regime and the support of the Assad regime in Damascus.

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