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The Lib mind: It’s ok to mock Mormons, they don’t punch back!

 The illogical Left never ceases to amaze. I also have heard and seen some conservative voices on the web attacking the film (though, expressing their support of his right to make it), who failed to comment on the details in the film, to show exactly ”where he got it wrong”. Because they didn’t watch the film, nor understood what the characters were referring to, Islamic sanctioned hadiths attributed to Mohamed’s description of events that many Muslims deem as factual.

NOTE: Oh well, I’m just trying to be balanced here, people on the right get it wrong as well, but not as bad as the Left, which at times  the latter has shown to have some bright spots as well.

 Here’s what else we learned this week about the emerging liberal consensus: That it’s okay to denounce a movie you haven’t seen, which is like trashing a book you haven’t read. That it’s okay to give perp-walk treatment to the alleged—and no doubt terrified—maker of the film on legally flimsy and politically motivated grounds of parole violation.

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Here’s the Sunni pope al-Qaradawi praising Hitler and hoping that the Muslims can finish the job.


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  1. As said and more. These half-assed efforts enable and set precident for results like:

    3 men acquitted of plotting to murder Swedish artist who caricatured Prophet Muhammad

    STOCKHOLM — An appeals court has acquitted three men accused of plotting to murder a Swedish artist who had depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.
    Upholding a lower court’s ruling, the appeals court in Goteborg said Monday there was no conclusive evidence that the three men of Iraqi and Somali origin had planned to kill Lars Vilks in September last year.
    The men were carrying knives when they were arrested after inquiring about Vilks at an art exhibition where he had been expected to appear but did not do so.
    The court said the men may have been prepared to use violence against Vilks but found no concrete proof that they planned to kill him.

    Vilks lives under police protection after his 2007 drawing led to death threats from militant Islamists.

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