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The Helsinki Jewish Community responds in Dan Kantor’s letter in the community’s own newspaper. (in Finnish). Boycott Prisma.

My translation:

Jewish Domination (paper back)

David Duke’s book, with more than a million copies sold and translated into more than ten languages is finally in Finnish. This book challenges the reader. It contains an amazing documentary evidence which calls some of the most cherished beliefs into question.

If you can set aside any preconceptions, which you may possibly have on this particular topic, you may be able to weigh the ideas and evidence this book presents with more balance. If you really try to keep an open mind, you may be surprised by the read.

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15 Responses

  1. Et tu, Finland?

    Finland was the only German ally in WWII that refused point-blank to turn its Jews over to the Holocaust. Finnish Jews fought bravely against the Soviets, and then against the Germans when Finland kicked them out.

    I think Finland owes the Jewish people better than this.

    1. Just wanted you to know there are a large group of Finnish churches who hold pro-Israel rallys and show great support for their Jewish community and Israel. I was at one of the rallys in June of 2010. It was magnificant. Finnish and Israeli flags flying together, over 2,000 people marching with happy spirits and smiles on their faces. Unlike the angry, sadly ignorant anti-israel rally a few days before. Naturally this rally, like others pro-Israel was ignored by the Hensingin Sanomat and the TV news channels. The former had to finally print a tiny article acknowledging the rally took place after letters were written asking why they hide the news. This was done over a week later. Very oily bunch of slimeballs in the Finnish news industry.
      Even so, many Finns are willing to put themselves in harm’s way before allowing anything to happen to the Finnish Jewish community. They amaze and impress me to no end.

  2. Rofl …..

    Is it the same David duke that was Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan?

    Prisma`s standard is very low if it is.

  3. The world is so dominated by the JOOOOOOOOS that David Duke still gets to publish his book, but jewhaters will find a way to make it sound like they are actually behind it. Same old same old.

  4. I wonder if Prisma will present a ‘free speech’ defence in support of duke’s trash?

    And it goes to show that having an ‘open mind’ sometimes entails that your brains fall out…

  5. “set aside prejudices”….irony.

    Just saw an al jazeera documentary (didn’t mean to but was away with limited channels) on Greeks in Egypt. Was pure propaganda but they explained America’s opposition to Nasser Nationalising the Suez as because of “Jewish Pressure” with no evidence to back up this claim. Pure Judeophobia.

  6. I made complaint at local Prisma about this. The shop clerk who took the complaint had rather bewildered expression. I was polite, but stern, and made the complaint in written form. Since I have their card and am customer, I definitely demand removal of that book and their response. If they do not comply, I will continue to push them and also buy from their competitors.

    1. Thank you greatly RS, you’re a doer! excellent action! Let me know what develops. If you remember the exchange (if its still fresh in your memory, write it down and send it to me , I’ll publish it.

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