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Worth noting, that the Islamic world can be pushed, shoved and prodded far more easier than they care to admit.

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“Leftists liked to brag during the Vietnam war that a US$10 hand grenade could destroy a $10 million plane. What’s the dollar value of the damage from a used paperback edition of the Koran, available online for a couple of dollars? “

Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior

By Spengler

Asymmetrical warfare was supposed to benefit the insurgents. For the price of a few flying lessons a gang of jihadis brought down the World Trade Center, a terrorist with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and powdered Tang can blow up an airplane, and a few pounds of plutonium can cripple a major city.

Meet the Reverend Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior. It appears that pinpricks can produce chain reactions in the Islamic world. The threat may be termed asymmetrical because Islam is more vulnerable to theological war than Christianity (or for that matter Judaism).

As the youngest of the major religions (apart from Sikhism), Islam must defend its historical narrative more fiercely than the older religions. Islam never withstood the withering criticism of Enlightenment scholars from Spinoza to the Jesus Project determined to discredit sacred texts. And because the Koran is not a human report of God’s word, like the Christian and Jewish bibles, but rather the “uncreated word” of Allah himself, any challenge to its authority cuts at Islam’s credibility. The fact that Islam has established neither a Magisterium in the Catholic sense, nor an authoritative tradition like that of Orthodox Judaism, leaves it decentralized, divided and fractious.

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  1. Terry Jones needs to carry on just as he is. I hope he lives a long life and keeps antagonizing Muslims to the very end. The more he insults their religion, the more it starts to crumble. In an all out war between truth and lies, the truth will win in the end.

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