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Swedish media elitists: ”free speech for me, but not for thee.”

The Swedish media in general consists of mediocre ideologues who (like their crony capitalist cousins or welfare capitalists) live off government handouts and exist to promote a certain narrative that keeps them at the public trough. That is the nature of the anti-free speech media, who parade themselves as supporters of free speech, pay adulation to big government as they muscle out needed competition. ”The very nerve of these petulant upstarts”.

In Sweden, the state siphons off public funds to support the media it agrees with. Is there any real doubt that that aid isn’t reciprocated in some way in their reporting? While the Swedish media might, and do go after certain politicians and political parties from time to time, especially the Sweden Democrats (that do not adhere to the approved political correct policies of the majority parties) it most certainly never goes after the Swedish government itself, (and official government policy) that taxpayer laden trough that they regularly dip their muzzles into.

As the old saying goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Here is what Dispatch-International’s editor Ingrid Carlqvist has to say on FaceBook:

Dear friends!
I just had a call from Swedens biggest newspaper, Metro. They are writing a story about how I/we have forced people to join this group. As you all know, you yourself are responsible for letting others put you in groups or not. But I’m sure we’re gonna see a horror story in Metro tomorrow about how this group forces people to join. Funny enough, the reporter started giggling when I drew up the scenario: No one had ever thought it might be forbidden to be part of a group in Facebook, until a wicked journalist calls to ask what they’re doing in this “horrible group”.

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  1. SVD 26 februari 2013 klockan 11.02 i avdelning Nyheter > Utrikes:

    Gazaraket mot Israel ………omständigheter i israeliskt fängelse.Gruppen hotade redan i går med hämnd för dödsfallet. Enligt palestinsk uppfattning orsakades fångens död av tortyr, trots att en obduktion inte har kunnat fastställa dödsorsaken.Det är första gången sedan konflikten i november i fjol som en raket avfyrats från Gaza. I det av…

    Till Er statistik, mvh!

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