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Where even an invite to J’lem is considered a provocation.

This is and interesting article, which really takes a hard hit on the Arabs’ anti-Israel/anti-Semitic entrenched mindset. Not all Muslim/Arabs think that way, but enough of them do.

NOTE: With all the Jew hatred in their Islamic texts, it’s a wonder that there are any at all in the Muslim world who are not tainted through and through with antisemitism.

More here.

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  1. This terrible.

    Its not just water. Israel stole all the sewers, thus making Gaza a smelly place.

    Israel also stole all the doctors, nurses and hospitals. Injured Hamas gunmen ( Strike that), heavily pregnant Gazan women have to give birth in insanitary conditions. Israel will not even allow pregnant women to travel to Israel to the very hospitals that Israel stole from Gaza.

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