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  1. Q: Why do Muslims have trouble turning corners?

    A: Because their colossal Pinocchio noses keeping bashing into the walls!

  2. MSM PC projection of Western moral codes onto Shariah: “In a revelation that is likely to end the ordeal of a 14-year old Christian girl…” Sorry, this should read “In a revelation that is UNlikely to end the ordeal of a 14-year old Christian girl…”

    Islam doesn’t care about evidence like we do in the West. Parochial hearsay, word of mouth, Chinese whispers serve as enough evidence to get you convicted in Islam. Don’t ever think Muslims will get infidels off the hook by presenting a court with “evidence”. Muslims don’t give a shit about mitigating circumstances or plea bargaining, even. You are considered guilty as soon as there is an adequate number of people available who want to substantiate it. Evidence will not help you in any way. Evidence-based justice is a Western concept , for crying out loud !

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