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UPDATE:  I received the following from Dr.Gerstenfeld explaining his choice of words, and the distortion of them by the Reuters reporter.

I saw the Gates of Vienna text about me which is based on a distorted quote from me.

The journalist of Reuters promised me that before publishing he would send me the text of my quote. He later apologized that this was not possible because of time pressure.

I have informed him that the quote was not correct and should have read:

“are you going to support a guy who is at the forefront of the anti-Semitism movement in Europe on one major issue?”

Behind this version I stand,

Ritual slaughter is a central issue in the Jewish religion. Countries which abolished it such as Switzerland and Norway did so out of clear anti-Semitic reasons. Norway keeps decades later killing unstunned whales and thousands of seals every year. Their law which forbids unstunned slaughter is state anti-semitism.

The expertise of the people who kill every year millions of cows in the Netherlands with stunning is much less than that of a Jewish religious slaughterer who has been taught for years before he got certified. The number of cases where the stunning fails in The Netherlands is far bigger than the total number of kosher slaughtered cows in the country.

 GOV published a piece that the TT covered the other day, and came to completely different conclusions. I feel that the focus on religious slaughter of animals (and circumcision for that matter) is a matter of a private affair (individual rights), and should not be imposed upon by the state. Besides, if the main idea is to halt the Islamic halal meat market (and Islamization), it already uses stunning to some degree as well as being far less exact in its slaughtering practices than in Jewish schetita kosher slaughtering. That’s a fact.

As I see it, kosher ritual slaughter has nothing to do with the majority community in the Netherlands, it is only a private affair of the small Jewish community, at least for some of those within the Jewish community who still adhere to Jewish religious dietary laws. This is not a case of anyone expecting, let alone demanding, ”exceptions to state laws”, on the contrary, they’re demanding that the state refrain from enacting illiberal laws that interfere in their private religious affairs that effect no other person than the ones engaging in the practice.

This is not like halal butcheries selling their wares unlabeled to non-Muslims, or eating establishments being forced to use halal products to placate the needs of an energized minority. Kosher meats effect no one else. In the event that meat deemed not kosher after butchering, ends up in the non-Jewish meat market unmarked, (which by some accounts I hear, saves kosher outlets in costs) that practice should end. But kosher slaughter should be left alone by the government, again, due to it being a private practice not effecting anyone else.

If kosher slaughter is banned in the Netherlands, then what about about hunting? That’s next on the ”animal rights” groups’ list, and if they (the hunting lobby) object and ask for special attention, then it’s they who are asking for ”special treatment” since it’s now become an established ”fact” that killing animals without stunning them first is in fact cruelty towards animals. Then after hunting has been banned, then expect the fishing industry to be targeted next, it’ll be, ”stun the fish before gutting” or give up the sport and industry as a whole.

Also worth noting is that Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld did not call Geert Wilders an anti-Semite, but left the option open if he intends to continue to spearhead a tradtionally anti-semitic movement. He described Mr. Wilders as “a guy who is at forefront of the anti-Semitism movement in Europe”. In other words, if he has taken upon himself to spearhead the drive to ban kosher slaughter of animals in the Netherlands, he has effectively placed himself at the head of the anti-kosher slaughter movement, which in practice, is anti-Semitic, denying Jews the right to be Jews (living according to their religious dietary laws).

That is not the same as directly calling Wilders an anti-Semite, that is a very unfortunate misreading of what was actually said.

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  1. Torturing animals to death should be illegal whatever religion the barbaric loons who do it belong to.

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