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 The demonization of Israel is in fact anti-Semitism.

 Of course, had this been a group of white thugs objecting to the presence of Muslims at the Festival, they would not only have been forcibly ejected from the theatre but swiftly arrested for racially aggravated harassment or some ‘hate crime’. But Jews are fair game: a malignant anti-Semitism masquerades as socially-acceptable anti-Zionism, but still we only ever seem to hear about the alleged racism which couches as Islamophobia.

Artistic anti-Semitism is still racial hatred 


PUBLISHED: 17:44 GMT, 31 August 2012 | UPDATED: 17:57 GMT, 31 August 2012

You usually get everything represented at the Edinburgh International Festival: it caters for all self-indulgent tastes in the postmodern world of moral relativism – from binge-drinking and bigamy to buggery and blasphemy.

Gradually, over the decades, the arts have aided the rehabilitation of medieval notions of sin and human vice: lust has become love; wrath is free expression; greed is a work ethic; envy is a spur to social mobility; pride is aspiration; sloth is simply genetic; and gluttony has become a human right.

We’ve come (or gone) a long way since the Lord Chancellor’s censoriousness was curtailed. Our theatres may indeed still be monuments to our prodigality and folly, as the Puritan preacher the Rev’d Thomas White declaimed at St Paul’s in London during the plague.

But one wonders about the contemporary equivalent of his evangelical apocalyptic observation that ‘the cause of plagues is sin…the cause of sin is plays; therefore the cause of plagues is plays.’

How about: ‘The cause of all the world’s problems is Israel…the cause of Israel is Jews; therefore the cause of all the world’s problems is Jews’?

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