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Muslims will always find a way around a roadblock, while the Jews get the shaft. Time for Mr.Wilders, who I greatly respect, to issue a mea culpa, and get back to defending our freedoms by resisting sharia law.

Golden nugget quote:

By clinging to the demand for a total ban on ritual slaughter, Wilders is harming Jews more than Muslims, his original target, Kortenoeven claims. Most Muslims don’t care too much about stunning animals before slaughtering them; about three quarters of the animals in the Netherlands ritually slaughtered for Muslims are killed in such a way already, he posits. For observant Jews, however, the animal has to be fully conscious for the meat to be kosher.

From the Times Of Israel

Crusading against Muslim rituals and rites, Dutch populist alienates the Jews

With ritual slaughter and circumcision under attack, ties between some pro-Israel activists and far-right MP Geert Wilders are unraveling. And that’s not the only problem for Holland’s Jews as elections near

Many Dutch Jews and pro-Israel advocates were ecstatic two years ago when the fiercely anti-Muslim party of Dutch populist Geert Wilders came in third in the elections to the House of Representatives in The Hague. After all, Wilders is a staunch supporter of Israel, a rare commodity these days on Europe’s political landscape. “Israel is fighting our fight,” Wilders was known for saying. “Israel is a beacon of light in an area of darkness and tyranny.”

But three weeks before Holland’s general elections, the love affair between Jewish and pro-Israel groups and Wilders seems to be coming to an end — a victim of the side effects of his crusade against the Islamization of his country. On top of that, the September 12 elections — held prematurely because Wilders pulled the plug on the current coalition, which was very favorable to Israel — might bring with them the decline of parties generally friendly to Jerusalem and the rise of more critical forces.

What’s gone wrong between the Jews and Wilders? For a start, Wilders’s Party for Freedom, known as the PVV in Dutch, has repeatedly come out in favor of a law that would prohibit slaughtering unstunned animals. Wilders’s steadfast opposition to ritual slaughter (“shehita” in Jewish halachic parlance) is intended to antagonize Holland’s 850,000 Muslims — but it would also affect the country’s 30,000 Jews.

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  1. That is a completely crazy interpretation. Wilders opposition to ritual slaughter is not intended to antagonize Holland’s Muslims, it is intended to prevent ignorant religious savages from torturing animals to death. Wilders is standing up for civilised values. It does not matter what religion the savages have, their ignorant superstitons are no excuse for torturing animals.

  2. Frank Clough like many ignorant people, put mozlems and Jews in the same category, so convenient! There is a big difference between the way Jews treat animals about to be killed and the way mozlems treat animals, children, women and kuffars. You can bet if Jews tortured any animal in ritual slaughter the authorities would be on them like flies, on mozlems not so much!

    1. If you read what I wrote carefully you will see that I condemned all religions which practice barbaric methods of animal slaughter.

      Slaughtering unstunned animals is uncivilised and unacceptable, whatever ignorant superstition the person doing it believes.

        1. I don’t do either, but I see your point. Anyone who hunts and fishes is a hypocrite if he criticises ritual slaughter.

  3. To cut the carotid is much kinder than stunning which often misses, and does only stun.

    The carotid, the 1st branch of the aorta supplies the brain.

    To sever the carotids, immediately decreases the blood supply to the brain where pain is ‘felt’, actually pain has to reach the brain and then return to the affected part; so removing the blood supply effectively removes this pathway, as the animal has gone into sleep mode immediately.

    Shechita is the most humane way to kill an animal.

    As for circumcision, if done properly then it is no more than removing a skin tag anywhere else on the body. It is not like female circumcision which removes an entire organ.

  4. @ KGS. In this subject is much more party politics involved then just butchery. There goes Times of Israël astray. But if they sense this issue more important than Wilder’s support for Israel, so be it.

    1. Of course there are more important things. Such as the Euro and our financial situations. Priorities are everything, but to some people a few cows are more important.

  5. @ Kate, please do not mix up male circumcision with relegious slaughter. For me as a secular non-jewish Israel and Wilders supporter, that is more than I can handle. So I agree with Frank Clough, for me it is about animal suffering, not about Jewishness or the survival of the State of Israel. I think Geert Wilders thought about the same and everything else is slander and smear. And we had enough of that in the Netherlands.

  6. BTW, I don’t really understand how Jews would let Wilders down, now in election time, as he needs all the support he can get. KGS, I’m really disappointed. Greetings.

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