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I seriously doubt a Muslim officer in the same position would have been demoted, let alone criticized for not wanting to attend a church or synagogue service. As long as our authorities are afraid of offending the intolerant, this kind of crap will continue. 

H/T:Scottish Infidel

Oklahoma police captain sues department over mosque assignment

By Mike Jaccarino
Published August 16, 2012

A Tulsa police officer and devout Christian is suing his department after being punished for refusing to go to a mosque for a mandatory cultural event.

Police Capt. Paul Campbell Fields, a 17-year veteran, was docked two weeks’ pay, transferred, reduced to the graveyard shift and made ineligible for promotions for at least a year, after he told his chief his faith made it impossible for him to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” at the Islamic Cultural Society of Tulsa, according to the lawsuit.

Fields, 43, is a non-denominational Christian, who quoted Scripture in legal explanation of his insubordination.

“This event is compelling me to go to a venue where a group of individuals is prepared to discuss their (Islamic) faith,” Fields said during a May 2012 deposition, the transcript of which was obtained by “And in my faith, I have a duty to proselytize my faith to people (who) don’t subscribe to my faith. I can’t do that in uniform. And so therein lies the conflict or moral dilemma I face.”

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6 Responses

  1. This is just the kind of problem that will always arise wherever religious screwballs are involved. Police Capt. Paul Campbell Fields superstitions are preventing him from properly performing his duty and he therefore has no place on the police force. He should be fired.

  2. Is he being assigned as a…good idea; that he and others would benefit from this…cultural experience? Or is he being assigned as some kind of guard duty? If the latter, he has to go. If the former, he should get the ACLU and put them to work for a change on a good thing.

  3. Being forced to attend a mosque service ?….is that a new method for forced conversion ?

    “Cultural enrichment” is the most ridiculous pretext for throwing the islamic mud at your face. And if it is so good, then why don’t they force muslims to attend dominical churche service or services at sinagogues?

  4. As it is Muslims who have come to the Christian West, they must be forced to attend church.

    If they dont like it, they should be deported.

    1. It’s not at all the same. Police Capt. Paul Campbell Fields was ordered to attend a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day as part of his duties and not a religious service. If the superstitions of religious screwballs in the police force prevent them from performing their duties, they should be fired.

      Just how many concessions should be made for religious nut jobs and their crazy beliefs.

  5. Good for him for refusing to have islam shoved down his throat. It’s too bad there weren’t more men with the courage to stand against islam. I hope he wins the case.

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