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It’s just like the Iranian revolution, those who wanted a secular state, were pushed out once the former regime was ousted and the new government put in place.

New Egypt government puts Muslim Brotherhood in key posts

Women and Christians get only token representation; leaders of uprising left out

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  1. Pretty much everything the MB promised at the outset of the “revolution” was a lie.

    It doesn’t seem to occur to Egyptians that the MB has absolutely nothing to offer that they haven’t already had for the past 1300-odd years. This is a revolution?

    It doesn’t seem to occur to the MB that Egypt has no oil, which is the only thing that allows the other Islamist nations in the area to get away with living in a technological coma under backwards, innovation-stifling governments.
    Egypt is already broke. Their upcoming obligations are twice their liquid capital.

    Things should start getting very interesting when the global grain shortage starts kicking in in about six months.

  2. A clarification:

    “With the jump in wheat and other grain prices due to the American drought, Egypt’s import costs will rise substantially. Given the collapse of tourism and the sharp reduction of worker’s remittances after the Libyan revolution, Egypt’s current account deficit will be almost as large as its trade deficit. That means Egypt will have its hand out for some $30 billion a year — much larger than the most pessimistic estimates (including mine) just a few months ago. Egypt has $15 billion in total reserves but only $7 billion in liquid reserves.” –David P. Goldman, from an article published on the Gatestone Institute website.

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