They were protesting against sharia.

 Topless women stage London protest

LONDON, Aug 2 (Reuters) – Two topless women painted with the slogans “Olympic shame” and “No Sharia” protested in front of London’s City Hall on Thursday to draw attention to what they called “bloody Islamist regimes” taking part in the Olympics.

They were members of Ukrainian women’s rights group Femen, which has staged numerous topless protests across Europe, including at the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in Poland and Ukraine where their concern was prostitution in host cities.

“The regimes are fascists of our time, they treat women like third-class citizens,” said protester Reza Moradi, without specifying any countries. “This is what we object to, this is what they are protesting against.”

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  1. This is the first action that’s caused me to respect FEMEN. Up till now I just thought they were hypocritical weirdoes who had to resort to showing their boobs to draw attention to a tired-out 1970s-style feminist agenda.

    I don’t see anyone else protesting the inclusion of Islamic terrorist- and terrorist-enabling regimes at the Olympics. Good for them!

  2. Note how the police is humiliating these women!

    You never see this kind of disrespect when Anjem Chaudary and his gang of dolebludging headbangers insult returning soldiers and make a mockery of everything Britain once was.

    1. And the police would not even dare to touch a burqa clad woman.

  3. Call me strange, but I personally would much rather watch attractive topless women protesting than women in burkas. 😉

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