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With it’s parent organization (Muslim Brotherhood) ruling Egypt, it’s the obvious choice. Gaza Arab clans have always been distinctly different to those in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria. Even Arafat himself spoke Arabic with an Egyptian dialect, and needed a handler always close by to let him know when he began to drift.

There has never been a real social unity between the Arab clans and tribes of these two areas, only their Islamic inspired hatred of Jews kept them somewhat together, otherwise they would either be at each other’s throats or showing mutual distrust in general.

Caption that:

Report: Hamas seeks to ’emancipate’ Gaza from PA

The London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat reported Sunday that Hamas is considering declaring Gaza Strip a separate entity that the Palestinian Authority, whose seat of government is in the West Bank.

Hamas officials told the newspaper that the move is likely to be backed by the new Egyptian regime and that it will bolster trade ties between the two. (Roi Kais)

Source: YNET

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  1. “Report: Hamas seeks to ‘emancipate’ Gaza from PA.”

    followed by recriminations and long drawn out conflict as musturd turns on musturd.

  2. We’ve already had:
    25 May 2011 – LONDON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he believed a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine was achievable…..
    What next?
    25 July 2012 – LONDON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he believed a bthree-state solution for Israel, West Palestine and East Palestine was achievable…..

    1. fiddlesticks, that should have read three state solution

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