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Another sting operation by Kevin O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas.

I was just talking to a friend (a Finn) the other day about job and wealth creation, trying to explain the mindset of those who view wealth distribution by the state as the means to create a vibrant economy. Every dollar/Euro redistributed by the government, is a monetary note removed from the wealth creating private sector.

I explained to him that it’s akin to handing out spades to a couple of men, paying one to dig the hole, then the other to fill it up. Money was exchanged for services, the job completed, but nothing was actually created. That is government redistribution of wealth 101. Here is a video that captures that mindset, with the union reps openly admitting to accepting funds for bogus work.

They even go so far as to admit a huge taxpayer subsidized program in New York, to teh tune of 112 million dollars worth, was entirely bullsh*t. Even mentioning FDR’s ‘works program’ that ripped up good roads in order to lay down new ones to give people employment. Such measures only served to lengthen the Great Depression, but to these clowns, it was all good.

Socialism is such a demonstrably self defeating economic system that encourages malfeasance, corruption and failure, and anti-American, that it shold be relegated to the ash heap of history. Hopefully this video and many such-like films will help that process.

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  1. There are several issues the candidates must address in order to return the U.S. to its former glory as an economic powerhouse. These include: the repeal of harmful legislation, an equitable tax system and the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

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