France Islam in France Islamic Imperialism Islamization Leftist-Muslim nexus


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  1. The French lost their cultural heritage and traditions, as a consequence of the French revolution. It was, and still is, the biggest disaster for France and Europe as a whole.

    As they have nothing to hold fast to except Leftism, the French are succumbing to Islam, which is fortified by divine assurance. The French have no answer to that.

  2. Every mosque you see on the European or Western landscape is a claim by islam over that country, period. Islam is claiming YOUR country for their own and what are doing about it?

    ” The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non-Islamic society. Building a mosque in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizies Islam’s claim over that society or country, even with a non-Muslim majority.”-from “The House I Left Behind”

    If you don’t wake the hell up and get off your asses you will lose all those freedoms you take for granted and it will happen in your lifetime.

    “Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.”

  3. should read: “….and what are YOU doing about it?”

    People like me need an edit function.

  4. I found the video to be utterly horrifying and extremely powerful. Multiculturalism in Europe and the USA means willfull destruction of our own culture. I don’t want our children’s future to be slavery.

  5. The soldiers of allah will give the socialist airheads a bear hug combined with the power of a Boa Constrictor and a crocodile roll.

  6. Powerful video imagery juxtaposed against the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” audio track. Worthy of a stand alone thread with the added feature of Gates-of-Vienna’s post The Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam to further emphasize the horror that awaits those who choose to either ignore or refuse to recognize the threat about to confront them.

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