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 Yes, the destruction of the United States of America……..

NOTE: Remember all you fence sitters out there, you do not seek to ‘fundamentally transform something that you love, only something that you greatly dislike.

NOTE: Pic via Weasel Zippers

Obama says young voters ‘want to finish what we started in 2008’

By Meghashyam Mali – 07/15/12 04:22 PM ET

President Obama dismissed suggestions that young voters who backed him in 2008 were less enthusiastic this election cycle, saying that he believed they wanted to “finish what we started.”

In an interview with local Washington D.C. station WJLA released Sunday, the president predicted young voters would again rally behind his presidency.

“2008, obviously your first time around in some ways it was lightning in a bottle. There were so many young people who just automatically got involved and, you know, we’ve gone through three and a half tough years. The economy is tough, especially for young people,” Obama acknowledged, according to a transcript of the interview.

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  1. Those young girls in the photo are acting like the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard. She greatly embarasses many Australians.
    I reckon a lot of young Americans don’t know much about anything, get caught up in the hystreria, and are heavily brainwashed by marxist education system.
    When I see Osama Obama I feel like I’m living in the Planet of the Apes.
    Thats just the way I feel.

  2. Obama is in trouble and he knows it. Many of his big supporters are not contributing to his re-election campaign. He’s approved campaigning in Europe in hopes he can find enough stupid people with money to finance his campaign. Why would Europeans waste their money, I have no idea? But then he had people working phone centers from the middle east in his last campaign. I think it’s a sign of how badly he’s feeling short on cash. The media still supports him but the days of the mainstream media drooling over Obama are done. The only true majority of rabid Obama believers are in California and in the Northeast coast. The ‘fly over’ states will not vote for him. He’s done. Now it’s a matter of how nasty he wants it to get while in his last half year as president.

    1. don´t count your chickens before they are hatched,mate!!!

  3. Is the ‘Cult of Obama’ about to die or will the puppet-master manage to rally together his ‘Stepford Wives’ and the rest of his ‘Umma’ in time to secure a victory in November?

  4. unfortunately teenagers are prime objects for use by demagoguoes. remember hitlerjugend…

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