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Their (the Muslim couples) whole story is dubious. A woman goes out of her way to help them and then gets verbal abuse, punched and kicked for her troubles, is now being abused even further by these low lifes with claims of aggravated assault. It’s all about racism you know.

The celebrity photographer and an ‘assault in Tesco on hijab-wearing Muslim she called a terrorist’

  • Photographer Cinnamon Heathcote Drury allegedly called a Muslim family ‘terrorists’
  • Also accused of pushing pregnant woman wearing a hijab
  • Heathcote Drury denies racially aggravated assault

[…] She told a jury at Isleworth Crown Court that trouble began at the Tesco store in Kensington, West London, when she offered to help the woman, Mounia Hamoumi, and her husband unload their shopping trolley.

The court was told she had overheard the husband refusing to help his wife because he was too busy looking after their children.

‘I told him that is what feminism is all about, women helping women – and he told me to “get lost”,’ claimed Heathcote-Drury.

[…] The photographer, whose portrait subjects also include actor Terence Stamp and ministers Kenneth Clarke and Iain Duncan Smith, told the court: ‘Many of those words were made up, they have misheard it for their purpose.’

With tears in her eyes, she said: ‘I am the only one who was assaulted. I am the only one with injuries.’ Heathcote-Drury made an assault complaint to police, claiming she was tripped, kicked and punched by Mrs Hamoumi, but this was not pursued by the investigating officers.

The prosecutor suggested: ‘You played the victim in order to get out of trouble, trying to direct attention on to them and away from you.’

A security guard broke up the row, but Heathcote-Drury is accused of then approaching Mrs Hamoumi and pushing her to the floor.

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8 Responses

  1. How dare an infidel woman think that she ought to help us.

    What a terrible insult – we are very grieved and upset by this infidel’s brazen audacity.

  2. In PC poker Islam trumps Feminism. I have heartfelt sympathy for the photographer that she should discover the two tier justice system in this way.
    These cases keep popping up. My hope is that these high profile cases act as a catylist for a return to judicial sanity.
    Then again what type of justice can one expect in modern Briton?

  3. Judicial sanity will return when a B***** incident happens.

    Its worth noticing that Norway has started deport Somalis.

    1. I didn’t realize this. Can you point me to articles or other information on Norway deporting Somali muslims and the reasons given? Thanks. 🙂

  4. Intervening in the personal business of Muslims never ever reaps rewards. Steer clear of it at all times. To a certain degree, this story is a reflection of the PC mindset permeating so-called intelligentsia who naively start assuming that “if you treat everyone with the same kind of respect, it will always be reciprocated”, or something to that effect. Which does NOT work with Islam !

    What planet is she living on, for Pete’s sake ?

  5. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any CCTV footage of the incident. If there is, it’ll be the trump card, providing it captured the whole incident.

    Regardless of that, the photographer was naive at best in expressing her feminist platitudes – some creatures are quite content to roll in their own shit – as seems to be the case in this incident.

    Something for the ‘celebrity photographers’ of this world to consider – talk to any police officer who has intervened in a domestic dispute and they’ll tell you that in a lot of cases, both the abused and the perpetrator will turn against the outsider violating their private, domestic space.

    It’s ‘in-group’ vs ‘out-group’, and loyalty belongs to the in-group in most cases.

    Add toxic ‘cultural sensitivities’ into the mix and you have a good reason to not to intervene. Who wants to end up on the wrong end of false accusations?

  6. Thank you for this article. This is another lesson to never get involved between a couple. Why isn’t there a security camera at Tesco to show what really happened???

    Police in the USA know the most dangerous call is a domestic disturbance call. The more base the family, the more dangerous. When the cops stop the husband beating the wife, she attacks the police for them going after her husband. It makes no sense but there it is. The madness transcends national, religious, and racial boundries. Heathcote-Drury being a kafir was just more fuel for the fire.

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