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No fun in Islam.

Now, there’ll be those who will tell you that these Afghantards have simply ”got it all wrong”, that that is not ”true Islam”, but remember folks, they’ve been practicing Islam for centuries, over a thousand years, how in the world can an apologist hope to spin it any other way than what it really is?

NOTE: The Irshad Manji’s and Zuhdi Jasser’s of the world have been murdered over the centuries for their straying into ‘moderation’. Islam is Islam, and as long as the schools of orthodoxy reign supreme, it will always be what it is, a violent, oppressive and totalitarian ideology bent on world domination.

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  1. The US has squandered millions of lives and billions of dollars trying in the past 50 years trying to bring freedom and democracy to people who neither want them nor are capable of sustaining them. You think they’d eventually get a clue, but they never seem to figure it out. The hell with Afghanistan, let the idiots kill each other.

    The Afghan government receives something like 90% of its revenue as foreign aid. When the West pulls out, the entire house of cards will collapse within months, if not sooner. And I certainly won’t be shedding any tears. They’re going to have to learn to solve their own problems.

    1. I agree that the US should pull out. The only interaction should be in the form of drone strikes and surgical boots on the ground attacks, after which the brave men are immediately flown out after the job is done.

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