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I’ve argued exactly that with a number of Finnish ME analysts over the years. You can’t expect to negotiate with Islamic fundamentalist nut-jobs, or expect that they will moderate themselves ‘once they taste governing’. They are being governed by jihadist minded imams throughout the Ummah, their ‘radicalism’ reflects the average thinking that exists in traditional Islamic institutions.

NOTE: The jihadists around the globe have one thing in common, Islam. That’s all you need to know, start from that position and begin learning.

Gaza’s global jihadis

By YAAKOV KATZ06/21/2012 23:59

Jihadi groups are said to be operating in the Strip without any consideration for Hamas’s interest. Photo: REUTERS In 2006, Abu Abd Al-Rahman, a top al-Qaida operative based in Afghanistan, received a letter.

One of Osama bin Laden’s closest associates and known by a slew of aliases, Rahman – who was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan in 2011 – was at the time a renowned Islamic religious authority in global jihad circles.

He often received letters from global jihad followers stationed across the globe, but this letter was different; It came from the Gaza Strip.

Sent by the Army of Islam, at the time a fairly obscure terrorist group, the letter included a number of questions pertaining to Islamic religious law.

Over the years, the Army of Islam has turned into a formidable force in Gaza. It assisted Hamas in kidnapping Gilad Schalit and later was behind the abduction of BBC reporter Alan Johnston. Designated as a terrorist organization by the US State Department, its members have been targets of Israeli targeted killings over the years.

The first question in the letter was whether the group could receive money from Palestinian organizations to fund its terror activities. One example it gave was the Islamic Jihad, which wanted to give the Army of Islam money to carry out attacks against Israel. The problem, the letter noted, was that Islamic Jihad was heavily funded by Iran, perceived as an “infidel” Shi’ite state by the global jihad Salafis.

The second question was whether the Army of Islam could invest in the stock market to finance its terrorist activities. Finally, the letter asked whether the organization could kill drug smugglers, steal their drugs and money and use it to finance terrorist activities.

The letter was discovered last year in the home in Abbottabad, Pakistan where United States Navy SEALs found and killed bin Laden. It was one of nearly 20 documents that were declassified and published recently by the US military’s Combating Terrorism Center.

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