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We should be encouraging them.

Nothing more sanctimonious as a journalist (I know many personally whom I greatly respect) maintaining an air of impartiality when they clearly are not. Those kind of journalists want you to believe that they are not prone to the same human influences as the rest of us. With the media leaning so far to the Left, can any reasonable person really believe (let alone defend) the absurd notion that journalistic impartiality exists on a regular basis in that profession?

I say let those who try to be impartial, do so, and those who are truly in the bag for one or the other, do so, and let the public decide in whom they place their trust.

In the aftermath of Politico’s decision to suspend its White House Correspondent, Joseph Williams, for tweets mocking Mitt Romney’s wealth and comments made yesterday on MSNBC, it is remarkable to see outlets I respect praising Politico for its correct and quick action.

That’s exactly wrong.

We should not be suspending or punishing journalists who are open about their biases. We should be encouraging and praising reporters willing to be upfront about such things. In a nutshell: Politico suspended Mr. Williams for being open about his biases, but in a just world Politico would suspend itself for lying about theirs.

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  1. Mixed feelings. While the point is taken that they should be allowed to show their true colors, at some point the MSM has to deal with the problems they fostered.

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