The killer of the two french policewomen was, of course, a man from the Maghreb – freshly released from prison.

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The report about the French cop-killer was all over the news this morning, but none of the English-language bulletins mentioned his ethnicity or gave his name. It was necessary to open the French news sites to find the name “Abdallah Boumezar”.

There were also Spanish-language reports that included the culturally enriched aspects of the case. Our Spanish correspondent Hermes sends this summary from Alerta Digital:

The killer of the two French policewomen was, of course, a man from the Maghreb — freshly released from prison.


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  1. As tolerant (or complacent or browbeaten) as the English are, there would be uproar if this happened here. Even the elite and the MSM would ask a few limited questions about the benefits of ‘cultural enrichment’ for a day or two, before quickly dropping the topic and returning to uncritical praise for our wonderfully diverse society.

    But people don’t forget as easily. To kill a policeman/woman is generally viewed as taboo, and repugnant to most people in western societies, and the tendency among some minorities to kill one so readily, indeed almost casually, has not gone unnoticed.

    Such acts create an awareness of the difference in people and cultures, which in turn brings a sense of alienation towards those who think and act differently, and also the leaders and media who uncritically praise that difference by pointing to even the slightest positive, whilst studiously ignoring all negative aspects. The hope for the future is that people are not as blind to reality as their leaders might wish.

  2. Those lovely ladies deserve no blame for being French conscripts there is no excuse for this. There are only a few other countries that conscript women besides Israel, Lesotho and China. What I would like to know is why the second officer didn’t shoot. Ban the scums from coming to France. Once they grow up there as products of their cousin kin they spoil the country even more. Try to get foreigners there and not let the scum suckers come there and enforce their backward culture. They are uprising due to the French ban on burka sacks.

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