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This man is no Martin Luther King, he’s a disgrace, as well as his fellow race baiting bookend, Al-Sharpton. The reason why most people are on welfare, is from the plantation mentality the Democratic party inflicts upon all peoples stuck within the system, Blacks included. Their only answer is to redistribute wealth which does NOTHING to build an economy, big government entitlement programs take wealth creation dollars out of circulation, which goes to further limit the choices of these people.

As for voting I.D. cards, requiring people to produce them in order to vote, is to safeguard the voting process, in order to restrict/limit voter disenfranchisement of the voter. All people voting in Finnish elections, must show their I.D., including African Americans living here, and no one complains, they all see the value in it.

Jackson and Sharpton and like ilk want nothing short of allowing anyone to vote, and in many cases, twice, and keep them faithful to the party line, and the rule of law, common sense and real voter disfranchisement be damned.

Washington Free Beacon:  MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Speaking at two rallies Sunday and Monday, Rev. Jesse Jackson compared Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace and said Walker is perpetuating segregation in Milwaukee.

Jackson is a supporter of Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, who is challenging Walker in Tuesday’s special recall election. He made several visits to the state to protest Walker’s collective bargaining reforms last year.

“Why is Milwaukee so segregated and so-locked out? Because of a lack of access to transportation,” Jackson told the press alongside a group of local church leaders. “If you are in fact on welfare, you can’t own a car. Without public transportation, you can’t get to the job, and the job can’t get to you.”

That is why, Jackson said, Milwaukee has become the “poorest and most segregated city in the state.”

“The governor of this state refused to accept $800 million from President Obama,” Jackson said, drawing boos from the small audience outside a downtown municipal building. “He turned down the jobs creator. That was money for Americans who can make the steel, lay the rails, build the trains, unite Milwaukee and Madison and Chicago, and put Wisconsin and Illinois and America back to work.”

Speaking Sunday night at another rally, Jackson compared Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace for his support of voter ID laws.

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