I wondered why the Finnish flag was flying today, and lo and behold, in the center of city of Jyväskylä, there was a blue tent decked out in yellow stars, with young people (Eurooppalainen Keski-Suomi ry) pushing EU info pamphlets along with gimmicks to try and get the people ‘excited’ about the EU.

Oh, and please do read: The MSM catches on (h/t: Fjordman)

I had a chance to talk with this girl, who was actually holding a sign that read, “draw yourself, and possibly win a 100 Euros”. She was pretty much clueless about much of the goings on inside the halls of that statist bureaucracy in Brussels, but soon a fellow (who later told me he worked as a intern in Brussels for two years) came to her rescue.

It was interesting, but not surprising to see how little they actually did know, especially the guy who took up chatting with me later on. The fact that the overwhelming percentage of laws passed yearly by the Finnish parliament (75%) originates in Brussels, or that we have no way of knowing any of the un-elected  lobbyists and others who sit on these working committees that introduce legislation to the commissions, nor of any conflict of interests they may have, did not faze these true believers.

Nor did they flinch (I did see a twitch however) when I spoke of how can we influence German, French, Italian and any other country’s politicians who remain unanswerable to the Finnish voter, though we are at the receiving end of their politics? Silence. I believe they call it “crickets chirping”. Nor could they answer the fact that the EU spends well over the amount of what national governments are allowed, in promoting itself. Saying it plain, the EU could never qualify as a state to join the EU.

I spoke of governing philosophies, the centralizing of power away from national and local governments, and the grossly incompetent government and the financial mess made by these masterminds who run it, deals spun behind the closed doors and ramrodded down the throats of the people who are in the end, forced to foot the bill. The very same geniuses and masterminds that got the EU into fiscal hot water, are then expected to get us out, right? Crickets chirping.

 I brought up the EU constitution, and that it’s a statist document through and through, how could he hope for safe guarding of the individual, civil liberties and property rights, if that very document is built on lies and deciet? He then mentioned the EU’s constitution having been approved by all of the states, even Ireland’s, but flinched when I reminded him that the EU forced the Irish to vote, and to vote again, till they came to the “right conclusion” , intimidation tactics by the EU elite are very ruthless, just ask Vaclav Klaus.

At any rate, we shook hands before I left, but one thing was for certain, the ears gathered around listening to the discourse were hearing something for the very first time. It was to them I was talking to, not the true believers.

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  1. KGS, you have my respect for being able to talk with these fuckwits without losing your temper. Me, I’d of ……………

    1. EDL Buck, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. You got it right! I just like being the cat, and the nitwits the ball of yarn.

  2. I respect and admire that you use your knowledge & maintain composure as you address these individuals politely and directly. If only there were many more gifted debaters at the helm, this planet wouldn’t be in such a mess. Thank you.

  3. They are also having a whole week around this European Day (which to me is nothing more than EU-propaganda week) here as well.
    They know that the majority of Icelandic people are very much against joining the EU.

    They call us nationalistic for waving our flag on celebratory days whilst the EU has its own flag up every day of the week. They take a day that’s supposed to be a European day and turn it into something directly related to the EU, as if to say that if you want to feel like a part of Europe and take part in this day that celebrates peace and unity in in this continent, then you’d better sign up for this club they’re pushing on everyone in Europe.

    They have stupid comic books celebrating the EU (Captain Euro…seriously?!) and other so obvious propaganda going on that when they go defensive about the purpose of this day here in Iceland when people point out the obvious attempt of glorifying the EU.
    Every rule and regulation it sets is so perfect, we will get a fair hearing in their “hall of justice” (I’m joking, but really? One guy representing a faraway island will get a fair hearing, or have any say in policy making etc.? We’ve heard that one before, when the Danish government ruled over us) and so on.

    I don’t trust the EU, the arrogant actions of this rich man’s club are just too stinky and obvious not to notice (by the way, a EU spokesman has even blamed us for the volcanic eruption back in 2010…that we caused so much damage to European economy, seriously using the guilt card to make us feel sorry for something planet Earth did). I’m not sure if I should consider myself European anymore. We’re partially not even geographically European.

    Sorry, this comes off as a rant perhaps but reading local news about this European Day really gnawed at my nerves.

    1. Hi Arnar, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to leave this thoughtful and well written comment. I will be making a post from it. Please do contribute more often, you are always welcome.

      1. Hi KGS. Thank you for reading, and feel free to use it.

        I’m very busy but I’ll be likely to make a return when I’m able.

        One note, I spotted one misplaced ‘when’ in my post. I forgot to delete that word when I rewrote the part:

        “…and other so obvious propaganda going on that when(<–this 'when' doesn't belong here, for the sake of a correct sentence structure and also for making sense 😉 ) they go defensive about the purpose of this day here in Iceland when people point out the obvious attempt of glorifying the EU."

        Just to point out this error I noticed just seconds after posting. Have a good day! 🙂

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