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  1. Don’t recall if I said so here but I deduced that the people controlling this were communists soon after it started. I deduced that they were communists from their behavior.

    Small cliques use an illusion of mass participation in the decision process to control the group with an iron fist.

    What does that mean? They said they first decided to protest and then to vote on what to protest about. They then allowed everyone to submit an issue to be voted on. This caused over 90 choices to be available. So many choices split the vote, denuding it. They on the other hand used discipline to ensure their cliques voted for one single choice. that is why the “Corporations as people” issue got over a thousand more votes than either “US out of foreign wars” or “Universal Healthcare”.

    They use “consensus”, an antidemocratic process invented by communists to control decision making while hiding behind something that only looks like democracy. It is 90 percent approval of something. This “approval” is determined by the “facilitator”. If a facilitator doesn’t want something to happen all he has to do is claim he can’t see a “consensus” from the crowd.

    There is a video of this in action where one such “facilitator” does exactly this to prevent a congressman from addressing the crowd. He called for a vote and didn’t like the result. So he called on a shill to speak against it and another vote. Again he didn’t like the result so he called on another shill to speak against it- using the “mic check” so everyone would repeat what the shills were saying. he called for a third vote and claimed he could not see a consensus.

    Another thing is the “mic check” where one person yells “mic check” and everyone then repeats what they say. It appears to be a method of communication used when loud speakers are not premitted. But we have all repeatedly seen activists with loud speakers on their belts calling for mic checks.

    The real purpose of the mic check is to cause group think. People repeat what is said so it gets in their heads and they think they agree with it. So the mob will more likely go along with what members of the the clique are saying. It is instumental in creating “consensus”.

    It is also used to drown out dissenting voices and for purposes of intimidation.

    They also use anarchists extensively. Anarchists were used for babysitting the OWS camp in the financial district and are used as canon fodder at protests where police are goaded into using force.

    The desceptive behavior, exploitation of anarchists as fodder, use of innocent seeming things as tools of manipulation and agression, all those elements suggests that it is communists who are the real organizers of the OWS.

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