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Hopefully their misfortunes become a streak of similar incidents.

I reported on the purchase of this ship over three weeks ago, when it became known that the long time anti-Israel activist, (and ex-Israeli) Dror Feiler, purchased it from anti-Israel Finn, Wellu Koivisto, to use it in yet another “flotilla” to break the legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza.

The Finnish tabloid, Iltalehti, reports on the ship running aground and eventually being freed in the archipelago waters off the coast of the southern Finnish city of Turku. The article fails to mention however, of the illegality of the new ship owner’s intentions of breaking the totally legal Israeli weapons blockade of Gaza, under international law.

The anti-Weapons blockade has been enforced ever since Hamas seized control of the area,  the blockade is meant to stop all weapons smuggling to the Hamas regime. What this moron and his fellow travelers are doing, is tantamount to aiding and abetting the terrorists to freely acquire more arms if the blockade is removed, with the end result being the murder of more Jews.

NOTE: If they really cared about sending any aid to the Arabs of Gaza, they could send it into the Strip by trucks, after inspection of course. This is just a political ploy to allow the terrorists to weaponize themselves even more than they are already.

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ILATLEHTI: Turku cargo yacht Estelle had problems today in the Turku archipelago off the Nagu coast. The ship called the Coast Guard assistance.

First, the ship’s machinery was defective and the electricity was cut off. Then the yacht ran aground.

– There was a black-out situation.The ship drifted for a while. When the crew was anchoring the ship , the aft section took hold of the bottom. The speed of the ship was slow, however, the ship was not damaged by the incident, salvage director Tom Maunu Turku MRCC says.

The situation took place near the Nagu Coast Guard station. The station patrol had time to notice through the window with binoculars just before they got the alert at the search and rescue center at 12.25.

– Scouts went to the scene and pulled the ship off the shallow bottom with a tow rope. This situation lasted for over an hour.

Absence of danger to anyone

When the sea rescuers had been towed the Estelle off the bottom, they kept hold of the grip of the ship until the machines were back under way.

Estelle-boat had 17 people aboard when it happened. No one aboard was in a life-threatening situation.

– The ship was able to continue their normal journey to Korpo yard, where it was going.

Weather in the Turku archipelago at the time was a good.

– It was normal Marine Weather, Maunu says.

Estelle is known as a Fair Trade sailing ship. Built from recycled material, the oceangoing Estelle has transported fair trade products from Africa to Finland since 2002.

Beginning of this month we were informed that the owner of Estelle, Turku Eestaas Ltd sold it to a Swedish ship Ship to Gaza organization. According to the organization Estelle will become an important tool for the company to stop the Gaza blockade.

Ship to Gaza says it intends to keep the  Fairtrade tradition alive with the purchase of the ship.

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